Short Poem About Life – Certainties and Uncertainties

In this short poem about life, I explore certainties and uncertainties, things to rely on and aspects beyond my control. I guess the key is to sit in the certainties and embrace the minute-by-minute evolving nature of life.


As times passes, the endurance and continuity of the earth, my breath, and my love and yours,
join the rising and setting sun, the wind, the rain and the forces of the universe.

I am,
they are,

always, continuously.


As time slips away, the fickle nature of thoughts and emotions evolving like changing winds,
weaves and webs the fabric of my existence.

I am fluctuating, diverging, shaping, and taking form,
my surroundings and counterparts, things within and around me,
likewise in perpetual motion.

Beyond Control Yet Shapeable

As time trickles and rushes, I see things beyond my control
queuing up outside my door,
waiting for my hands to mould and my heart and mind to shape.

Caught in the Crossfire Between Curveballs and Kisses

As my clock ticks, I find myself caught in the crossfire between curveballs and kisses.
Some I’ve thrown,
some have hit me.

Certainties and Uncertainties

In the silence of the night, the comfort of grasping the certainty that life is full of uncertainties

underpinned by the certainty that love makes it all worthwhile.

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