Shy Poem – Out of the Long Grass

This is my shy poem “Out of the Long Grass” written for all those who, like me, feel like hiding away at times, or sometimes all the time.

Out of the Long Grass

I'm a little shy / you know
I like to hide in the long grass and

bury myself in a pile of lush leaves
where other vermin and worms gather

they're quite friendly / you know
the rats and worms

despised and exterminated
they fear nothing and no one

wear nothing but a cheeky grin
I envy and seek

to one day cut the long grass
wear a robe of lush leaves

How do you do it?
dear Mr Rat

I ask in the thick
of the soft grass

Oh, you mean the wry smile?
it's easy / you know

just swallow your dread
let the churn of your stomach

turn out the cheeky grin and
before you know

you'll fly high above the clouds
with vermin and worms

and when the night closes in
you'll find your way back

to the soft grass and the lush leaves
the wry smile edged into your face

so I gulp up my dread
watch the cheeky grin light up my face

beyond the long grass and 
the pile of lush leaves

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