Spring Poems – Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming

Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming is one of my spring poems. I love this time of year and watch the petals and leaves appear like a hawk. Apple blossoms are amazing!


Mid-conversation, we melt into the Blossoming – Spring Poems

Mid conversation, we melt into the blossoming,
a million apple petals rising from a bud, snow-white
like morning flakes lost in spring-sunshine none too
soon wafting winter-webs and stale staples away
this is new and no one can ebb the tide of apple blossoms
towering over us like an army of emperors,
so mighty not even the most unblenching warrior would

square up to them we are on the floor and what we
were saying runs out into an ocean of tiny white gowns
fit for a queen now winnowing the dust from the colour
in our eyes our mouths wide open, still our throats undry
the apple juice quenches our pyre, the poker slips
through our fingers children in a blizzard of apple blossoms
don’t remember what they were quarreling over.

On the ground, a rain of daisies and greening shoots
dew glistening and getting snowed under by a shower of
little white frocks we take off our socks not to tread or
crush them but to wind in our corns. It’s easy now
being tiny and robed in porcelain and turning up
for the ball we dreaded when buds stood stern as
an old oak tree with a bark rougher than a punch

and leaves warmer than a kiss. Come summer,
we’ll be eating apple pie in the garden and talk
through the night perhaps the stars are but
apple blossoms in the sky. If you can, come lie
under an apple tree with me. We’ll sleep
till we get caught in a squall of apples, run home
laughing and make cider, you and I still talking.


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