If you were to surrender, do you think someone would hold you

Would take care of you?

Perhaps a person, perhaps the universe or perhaps a loving God?

Would you be able to relinquish control and trust

Knowing that ultimately you are powerless?

Or would you grab the steering wheel even tighter



Attempting to steer, guide and exert power?

And how would you know were to go?

A map?

The universe’s life GPS?

Through the power of your mind?

Or of your Heart?

What about pot holes and tight corners?

And unexpected road blocks?

And what would be driving you?

Ambition, love, greed, pure survival instinct?

And the traffic around you?

Would you take a pitstop and stop for a while?

Do you even know where the line is

Between what you can manage and that which is beyond your control?

So many questions, few definitive answers

Leaving me but with one option

To surrender

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