Survival Poem – I’m an Egg

I’m an Egg is a survival poem, a reflection on how we can forget about our fragility and progress through life as if we were machines.

I’m an Egg – Survival Poem

I felt like a scrambled egg.
The day before,
I was fried.
The day before that,
I was the golden egg the goose never laid.
On Tuesday,
I was raw protein galloping down the insides of a top athlete.
Last week,
I fluffed up a blueberry muffin.
Last month,
I split for meringue and egg nog.
Last year,
I hung empty from the branches of an Easter decoration covered
in bunny stickers and herbal dye.
The year before,
I lay in thick grass waiting to be found by tiny hands, smashed
against another, shelled, and devoured on Easter Sunday.

All the while,
in my head,
I wore thick
elephant skin.

All this became clear to me
this morning
when runny eggwhite made my fingers all sticky.

Not gonna egg or elephant
for no one no more,
wear fluffy feathers instead.

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