Suspended – A Poem About Fragility

This is a poem about fragility and the random nature of life’s events.

The earth’s continuous rotation, apparent random suspension in the vastness of the universe mirrors the decisive fragility of life.

In its continuity that may just stop at some point.

Entirely beyond control

Regardless of power and effort

Relying entirely on someone caring

enough to hold it.


Still, it keeps on turning, displaying varied landscapes, and wild seascapes in the predictable rhythm of time.

Yet, when you think about it, it may just drop out of the universe, just as we do sometimes, expecting the clock to stop ticking.

In its unthinkable fragility, someone is holding it

Keeping it in place, facilitating its heartbeat.

Perhaps the hills, valleys, planes, and peaks

Connect it to the stars

Who, enchanted by the different landscapes

Keep it suspended indefinitely

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