Thinking Poem – Tea Party

Tea Party is a thinking poem, a description of how we sometimes choose to entertain or not to entertain certain thoughts.

Tea Party

I like entertaining, serving up sweet tea and sticky buns. 
For all that, I'm fussy about the company I keep.

Mrs Thunder, I shower with custard creams and sugary brews,
I'd hang on her every syllable all day.

Mr Dawn doesn't get the time of day,
I wouldn't throw him a glass of bitter lemon.

Mr Lightning, oh, I serve him the works,
scrumptious cake, heavy cream, ornate flowers to the side,
Egyptian cotton napkins to wipe his silken skin, and espresso.

Mrs Warm Breeze doesn't get a toe in the door,
I won't feed her jam ambrosia or quench her thirst
with lime lemonade.

Mrs Rain, I've had stay over /over and again.
We drowned in a sea of birch beer last week.

Mr Tornado, I spoil with eggnog which makes him dizzier but,
not to worry, the moist muffin I bake, is great for soakage.

Ms Twister, I adore, in fact, I have her gobble up kaiser roll
and gulp up a couple of cocktails.

Mr Sunshine, God bless, pleads for entry every day.
For him, I've no crumbs or leftovers, not even spilt milk.

The thing is, you see, I can't squander my booze and bagels
on clowns or wannabes.

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