Thought Frequencies

Your brain is a bit like a radio. Choose a thought frequency and you set the tune for the day. Here are my thoughts on thought frequencies. 

Just like a radio station, you can choose the frequency of your thoughts.

Tune into worry, and the worry song plays

Tune into happiness, and the melody bounces you through the day.

Could it really be that simple?

A straightforward choice?


Or do these frequencies exist outside ourselves

One competing with the other to capture us?

Perhaps we ought to let our hearts choose a frequency

Rather than our brain


Maybe then, peace and rest would descend

Worrisome thoughts evaporate

It’s certainly worth a shot.


Perhaps our hearts would tune into love and

Outdo the harshness

Instead, finding support and tenderness and rest.

It’s worth a shot

Imagining a life,

A world,

Where the heart decides


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