Together Poem – The Long Length of Hedging Roses

The Long Length of Hedging Roses is a together poem, a poem about gifting each other the time and space to be and grow without preconditions, without any rules.

The Long Length of Hedging Roses – Together Poem

In this episode, we gauge before
engaging in yet another bunch of

red velvet roses. You fertilize and I,
I clip and prune, we weigh up the volume,

we size the leaves and petals but not
the thorns. Clay pot, roots bunching,

our fingers have eyes and lips, our
tongues curl water and air, the salt

is the stars, buds foraged
in the mud. On the table,

staling bread and rhubarb jam
but you say melted cheese

stalls decay and capers break
the weight of the clay and I look

over your shoulder toward the
hedge roses, once potted, now

homing thousands of critters
like us. When resting on the lie-lows

beside them, the wind brushes its leaflets and stalks
against our skin, wafting rose oil is

humming an air
over the edge of the clay pot and the jam.

In this episode, the rays’ winning ways
melt our cheese, the freeze knelt

and bees nectar the long length
of the hedging roses. We caper

no longer taper the breadth
of our breath.

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