Trust Poem – Megumi’s pliability sickens Me – Trust Poem

Megumi’s pliability sickens me is a trust poem and a reflection on people whose hope sees them through whatever issues come their way. It is also a reflection on realism and rebellion. 

Megumi’s pliability Sickens Me – Trust Poem

Megumi’s pliability sickens me, her steel for the stars, her truck of hope, still more, her decoding love in black holes.

Like yesterday, when she spun me that a butterfly wing’s inkling had pointed her toward a hundred-quid note on the pavement outside our house. She told me this over the coffee she shouted me, eyes beaming like diamonds. At me, x-raying the circles around them, etching that rosebuds didn’t clip slavery. Again she skipped. This time, gliding on a slick of rose oil ahead of time, like a bee plotting honey. When her hives are as red as the sky, she clears the night and spreads pollen on a whole loaf of butter-flattened bread,

and trickles crumbs and pearls the neighbour’s way. Stood in hail, she reels in the sunbeams with her open palms smelling of sun lotion.



Written by Anita Alig

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