Unconditional Love Poem- I’m No Accountant

I’m No Accountant is an unconditional love poem, a celebration of non-judgement, acceptance, love, and passing through time and life together.

I’m No Accountant – Unconditional Love Poem

 You know, 
I'm no accountant
recording your lies
or evaluating your
future profitability
nor do I take stock
of your performance
with me
or the kids.

I don't count
your kisses
or how many coffees 
you've brewed me
nor do I mark boxes
with Xs or ticks
on Sunday nights.

Stats on 
pores, stones
hairs out of place
or bottom sizes
I don't examine,
I make no
wrinkle or double-chin

My time I spend
figuring you 
out and
figuring your love

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