What Is a God Box?

You may have heard passing mention of a God box. Perhaps, you were intrigued and want to find out more. Well, this article will tell you the answer to the question, what is a God box. Even if you consider yourself a non-believer, an atheist, creating a God box is a great way to ease the pressure of worrying too much.

Do You Need a God Box?

The truth is, everyone could do with a God box. That’s because everyone has issues beyond her/his control. Problems that are overwhelming and seem solution-less. So, yes, you do need a God box.

What Is a God Box?

A God Box is a physical box. In fact, you can use any kind of box. In essence, you stow all the things in the God box that you worry about or struggle to get a handle on. Regardless of whether you’ve got health issues, financial trouble, or strained relationships – all these difficulties can go into the God box.

The idea is that you hand issues you cannot handle over to God. You ask for a Divine Being to take care of your difficulties. If you’re a non-believer, you can still create a God box. Instead of calling it the God box, you can give it your own name, let’s say you call it “the universe box”.

The process of handing over your troubles and, in as much as it is possible, let go of them, lies at the core of creating a God box. On the one hand, you acknowledge that you can’t handle something, on the other, you ask for help from a loving being greater than yourself. Most people find that their worries become less domineering, they relax, and solutions become more apparent.

How Do You Make a God Box?

The process is simple. Get yourself a box before writing down the problem you wish to hand over. Use different pieces of paper for each issue. When you’re done, put all the pieces of paper, all your troubles, into the box and close the lid. Ask God or the universe to take care of the issue, stating clearly that you’re handing them over. Finish by putting the box aside.

In the coming hours, days, and weeks, you’ll probably find yourself worrying still. When you do, remind yourself that the issue is in the God box now and is taken care of. You may have to do that lots of times initially but after a while, you’ll probably find yourself worrying less.

Adopt a position of expectation, one where you foresee the issues’¬†resolution. That way, you’ll have a positive attitude and trust in the care of a power greater than you.

Does Making a God Box Work?

Speaking from personal experience, I would have to say, making a God box works. My attitude changed, I felt a great sense of relief and was able to stop myself spiralling into constant worry. In addition, God or the universe do tend to take care of issues when given the chance. In some instances, the solutions were different or took a long time to materialize. Nonetheless, making a God box became the first step toward a viable solution, while it also helped me to cope better.

If nothing else, making a God box made me embrace my vulnerability and my need for help. Sometimes, we need to acknowledge that certain things are beyond our control before we learn to cope. When you do that, the stress and tension levels drop significantly.

So, there’s your answer to the question, what is a God box. Have you made one? Have you any other insights or tips?

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