Why Hire a Coach? Coaching Styles and Coaching Types

If you know you need to make changes but don’t know how to go about it,  hiring a coach can provide the solution. Whatever area of your life you wish to tackle, you can be sure you can find an expert coach to guide and support you. In this article, I will answer the question, why hire a coach, furnish a list of coaching types, while also looking at the pros and cons of hiring a personal coach.

Hiring a coach has a lot to do with accountability and having someone there to provide you with support, objective insight, and expert guidance. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Coach

So, why hire a coach? For two reasons, one you feel stuck and unable to reach your potential, two, you can’t overcome a specific problem. In general, people hire coaches to bring about a change in their life or to introduce a new set of skills.

You could be like Pat who wants to get fit but lacks motivation or like Pam who struggles to be an effective boss. Or, you could be like Henry, who longs for a career change but cannot identify a suitable profession to enter. Finally, you could be like Sue who wants to find her true self and reach her full potential. 

And the benefits? Well, anyone who’s hired a coach will tell you that for starters, a coach provides you with focus and accountability. That means you’ll have someone by your side hell-bent on supporting you in your quest for a better life. Your coach will have an untainted view of you and your life plus the skills and expertise to help you to make changes or acquire new skills. Moreover, your coach will make sure you take the necessary steps, one by one and hold you accountable. This guarantees a positive outcome for you as long as you’re committed to following your coach’s advice. Your level of commitment and effort will be proportional to your level of success. 

Coaching Types

Because you can find a coach for virtually every aspect of life, I’ve decided to furnish you an A-Z of coaching types. In it, you’ll find the most popular coaching genres and more beyond. Nowadays, so many different coaches offer different coaching varieties so you should have no difficulty finding a coach to work with you on whatever aspect of your life.

A – Anxiety & Stress Managment Coach

Anxiety coaches teach clients to cope with everyday anxiety-related struggles. By equipping them with tools and coping strategies, an anxiety coach helps clients to tackle this now common problem. In general, anxiety coaches deal with all types of anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, and any other anxiety-related issue.

Stress management coaches make services available to professionals suffering from burnout or stress-related symptoms. Today, stress is one of the major health risks impacting on countless people in all walks of life. Like an anxiety coach, a stress management coach teaches clients how to manage pressured situations, reduce the stress-load, and lead a calmer more fulfilling life. 

A – ADHD Coach

ADHD symptoms can make life difficult. A trained ADHD coach will work with you to first assess what way ADHD affects you and then go on to help you develop coping strategies. Though ADHD coaches aren’t necessarily trained mental health professionals, they can guide and teach you how to live more productively.

In that sense, ADHD coaching is a tool to support you in getting more focused and organised. Honing in on the practical aspects of your life, your ADHD coach will work with you on aspects such as motivation, productivity, goal setting, scheduling, accountability, stress management, impulse control and more beyond. ADHD coaches work on a one-to-one basis or in group settings, with sessions lasting between 30 and 60 minutes.

Adults, teen, children, or parents of kids suffering from ADHD can avail of ADHD coaching services. 

Liz Carter is an ADHD coach, offering here services through her website and on the coach.me platform. This is how she introduces ADHD coaching:

“Having adult ADHD can make you feel scattered, spread thin, and can be a continual source of frustration. I know because I’ve coached adults with ADHD and these, amongst others, were often their complaints. Struggling with adult ADHD can make you feel like your brain is continually working against you, but it doesn’t have to.

Together we’ll utilize my professional training in mindfulness, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) concepts, and the momentum coaching method to find creative and workable solutions to manage your ADHD.”

A- Accountability Coach

Accountability is central to all coaching varieties and holding clients accountable one of the most important jobs of any coach. To help you achieve your specific goal, a coach makes sure you progress step-by-step, holding you accountable along the way. Although you may try to reach your goal going it along, having a coach by your side to do so copperfastens your intention and ensures you’re progressing positively. 

So, what does an accountability coach do? For the most part, accountability coaches work with people who feel they’re working hard but not reaping adequate rewards. After assessing the client’s daily schedule and input-output ratio, the accountability coach collaborates with the client in the design of a more efficient way of life and work. The aim is to put more effective structures in place, drop wasteful activities, and end up working less but making more money and living a more balanced life. 

B – Business Coach

Business coaches specialise in helping company owners and entrepreneurs to up-scale their business. Improving productivity, increasing sales, and rethinking the current business model are just some of the aspects a business coach works on. The focus lies firmly on growth, efficiency, and optimizing productivity. 

B – Badass Coach

Jen Sincero, the best-selling of the New York Times book You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life (2013) is a success and motivation coach. After selling more than two million copies of her book, Jen now offers coaching services and publishes tips and advice on how to become successful and wealthy. In 2017, she published her second book You Are a Badass® at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth.

C – Career Coach

You may have worked with a recruiter and don’t see the need to hire a career coach. But, there is a fundamental difference in their approach. Whereas a recruiter solely looks at your CV, a career coach also considers your aptitude, lifestyle, dreams, and aspirations. As a result, you’re much more likely to land a job that is truly fulfilling and allows you to live the kind of life you wish to lead.

Bere Blissenbach is a career coach who helps people create work they love. Her clients, while successful, often feel like they have to choose between either having money or meaningful work in their lives. This “money-or-meaning” dilemma is very common in our culture and keeps people stuck in their current situation.

Bere specializes in helping you move beyond this dilemma to a place of true success, where you can feel connected to your passion and purpose without forgoing financial stability. Her website offers free resources on creating work you love.

Bere has a law degree and PhD and offers coaching services through her website and on the coach.me platform.

C – Confidence & Charisma Coach

Do you ever feel like you have more to give but lack the confidence to pursue your passion and use your talents? Do you fear you lack the charisma to do so? Many people do, and that’s why coaches, like Misa Kozinova, specialise in working on clients’ confidence by providing them with the tools to harness their true potential. Lack of self-confidence, self-limiting beliefs and fear often combine to stop you from progressing professionally and in your personal life. 

Having spent 20 years in senior management, Misa now helps people to develop the confidence and charisma needed to live a fulfilled and happy life. Her coaching services are available on the coach.me platform. Check out her coach.me profile and get in touch. 

C – Creativity Coach

Creativity coaches work with writers, artists, musicians, and kids, providing them with support for their artistic endeavours. Stepping out and pursuing a career in the arts requires more than just a desire to create something beautiful. Creativity coaches work by providing artists of all genres with guidance, clarity, confidence, and support while helping them to remove possible roadblocks and establishing a strong professional network. 

D – Dream Coach 

Dream coaching isn’t necessarily about you sitting down with a coach to interpret your dreams. Instead, it’s about finding a way to fulfil your life’s dreams and ambitions. This is one of the more unconventional coaching types and doesn’t belong to mainstream coaching.

D – Diet Coach

If you’re someone who’s tried countless diets but still struggles to shed weight or keep it off, hiring a diet coach may be the way to go. The support and expertise of an experienced diet coach can make all the difference. 

In general, diet coaches look at your current weight and diet, help you to set realistic weight targets and go on to design a pathway to your ideal weight. Your diet coach will be with you every step of the way and make sure you stick to a sensible diet that is sustainable in the long-run. Additionally, diet coaches track your weight loss progress and work to keep you motivated. For the most part, diet coaches work on a one-to-one basis and tailor action and diet plans to the client’s individual needs. 

Executive Coaching

More and more top company executives are turning to one-to-one executive coaching in search for support. Stress and time management, team productivity, leadership, conflict resolution, optimizing presentation skills, team building, staff management, and career development are the main areas top managers are seeking to address with the help of an executive coach. 

Working at the top can be lonely so executive coaches can provide the support top executives need. 

E – Exercise & Fitness Coach

You may have worked with a personal trainer, so why hire a fitness coach? After completing a comprehensive coaching certification process, a fitness coach is best-positioned to help you reach your fitness goals. Your coach will begin by assessing you before defining targets with you and putting in place an exercise regimen that will get you there. Your individual health, lifestyle, and ambitions will form the starting point from which your fitness coach will build a tailored programme for you. 

F – Financial Coach

Financial or money coaches work with private individuals or business people to create a sound financial strategy for personal or business finances. When working in a non-business setting, financial coaches design budgets to deal with debt, investments, and financial planning in general. In a business setting, financial coaches help to devise more cost-effective business strategies while also improving time and money management.

F – Food Coach

While food is meant to be a source of joy, many people struggle with food issues. Hiring a food coach can provide the answer. Food coaches like Michelle Seidling, PhD, from foodexperienceunplugged.com work with you on all food-related aspects of your life.

She is the CEO and Food Experience Architect at Food Experience Unplugged. She provides coaching and training to help people focus on food in ways that lead to health and well-being. She covers all aspects of the food experience, including mindful eating, food attitudes, environmental factors, culinary skills, interaction with food, and goal setting. The tagline, “Where food, fun, and memories come together” emphasizes her focus on creating memorable experiences with food for life success.

If you would like to work with Michelle on coach.me, you can hire here on her profile page.

G – Goal & Habit Coach

Get coached on Coach.me

Many people have discovered how useful habit trackers are when trying to work toward a specific goal. The people at coach.me have made habit tracking easy through the use of their app and access to hundreds of coaches expert at helping clients to build a habit, create momentum and reach a goal.

On the coach.me platform, you can self-coach by tracking your habits and setting daily activities through the app or online. Alternatively, you can hire a coach to provide you with support and guidance. The coach holds you accountable and ensures you’re establishing a momentum-building habit. This is a cost-effective support network, and if you want to work more closely with one of the coaches, you can arrange private consultations. 

Establishing habits has proven a great way to work toward a goal. As you build a routine, momentum kicks in and this new-found energy makes achieving your goal much easier. Tracking progress and accountability combine to keep your motivation high. 

H – Health Coach

Using evidence-based techniques and clinical expertise, a health coach helps you to take charge of your overall health. After assessing you, the health coach will support you in devising strategies aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle. 

Behavioural changes along with the establishment of health-enhancing habits form the foundation of your progress and journey toward optimum health.

L – Leadership Coach

Leadership coaching is about helping busy executives become more effective leaders. At the same time, a leadership coach equips you with the tools to manage your team better. Before teaching you the art of being an effective leader, your leadership coach is likely to examine your own work routine.

Setting priorities, de-stressing, and finding ways to work more efficiently are key on the road to becoming a great boss. Once you’ve created a sustainable work schedule, you go on to mastering leadership skills.

The aim is to organise your work schedule in such a way that you have the capacity to be an effective and approachable leader, capable of getting the best out of your team. 

L – Life Coach

Life coaching is the broadest coaching discipline. Here, coaches look at all aspects of a client’s life and seek ways to better it. By identifying blocks or areas in a client’s life that need attention, the life coach helps to create a plan to implement change. What’s more, a life coach then supports the client throughout this journey and makes sure the client sticks to the plan.

Accountability and support are key to the client’s success, so they are central to a life coach’s work. People who’ve hired a life coach have found the guidance and clarity provided invaluable.

Karine Galland is a life coach based in France. She believes (life) “coaching is about concrete actions, it’s about lightening up your life quickly by focusing on solutions.” Her services are available to clients worldwide through her website. On coach.me, she helps people to manage their screen time.

M – Meditation Coach

A regular meditation practice can go a long way toward improving the quality of your life on all levels. More and more people are joining meditation groups, but you’ve also got the option of hiring a meditation coach. If you do, you can expect to learn meditation techniques, while also reaping the rewards of a meditation habit. 

I’ve been working with a variety of clients through this website and also on the coach.me platform. Through daily contact and specific meditation tasks tailored to where you are in life, I work closely with people and help them to establish a meditation habit.

Through meditation, you can expect to life live with a much greater sense of ease and calm. 

P – Performance Coach

Performance coaching is generally geared toward professionals who want to optimize their own or their team’s performance. After an initial assessment, a performance coach helps to set performance targets for individuals or teams while also guiding them through the process of reaching those targets. 

Often, performance coaching is an integral part of leadership and productivity coaching. 

P – Productivity Coach 

Productivity coaches work with entrepreneurs and high-level professionals to increase their productivity, manage time, and optimize the input-output ratio. 

Busy executive and entrepreneurs can often struggle to manage time and prioritize tasks, meaning they often work long hours without ever clearing their task list. With the help of a productivity coach, you can learn how to work more efficiently, manage your time, and enjoy some downtime.

Productivity coaches work on a one-to-one basis and tailor coaching programmes to the client’s need. On coach.me, you can choose from an extensive list of executive coaches offering digital productivity coaching or comprehensive productivity coaching programmes.

P – Parenting Coach 

A parenting coach equips parents to deal with children that may be experiencing behavioural issues. In general, parenting coaches work on a one-to-one basis, providing support and guidance in a family-specific way. 

So, who would benefit from hiring a parenting coach? Anyone who’s struggling to deal with a child of any age can benefit as a parenting coach can step in and furnish the tools to deal with any issue involved.

R – Relationship Coach

Relationship coaches are trained to help couples overcome difficulties, deepen their love, prepare for marriage, and deal with any other relationship-issues. Within a confidential and safe environment, couples benefit from the balanced and detached view and expertise of a professional. 

Each partner gets the time and space to express feelings and raise issues and together, the couple and the coach, work toward building a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Regardless of the nature of the challenge you may be experiencing, a relationship coach can help. 

S – Sidehustle Coach

Tracey Minutolo is a Side Hustle Coach who works with motivated sidepreneurs who are ready to get serious, take control of their futures, and move their businesses from sideline to prime-time.  She also runs the Side Hustle Success Lab – Monthly Challenges for Motivated Side Hustlers community on Facebook, where serious side hustlers can level up their skills and sharpen their habits each month while finding support and making the connections that make a difference.

When she’s not coaching, she’s probably playing with microorganisms at her day job, hanging out in the San Diego sunshine, or checking out the latest craft beer release.  You can find out more at traceyminutolo.com.

Tracey also works with clients through the coach.me platform. You can hire here on her profile page.

S – Spiritual Coach 

If you’re interested in exploring your inner world and would like to embark on a spiritual journey, hiring a spiritual coach could be a great move. For the most part, spiritual coaches help you to identify your unique purpose as well as the gifts you bring and need to share. 

Working with a spiritual coach means looking into your soul to find out who you truly are and what you’ve come to learn and teach.

S – Sobriety Coach

Substance abuse is damaging, not only to the individual but also to family, friends, and work colleagues. Breaking out of addiction is difficult, especially if you’re trying to go it alone. 

To find out a little more, I spoke to Taylor Tracy, sobriety coach on coach.me. She told me about her own journey to sobriety and how she now helps and supports people who want to give up alcohol. To begin with, Taylor assesses your background story and needs in a confidential environment before taking you on a journey to sobriety.

To get you there, her coaching incorporates the following four pillars: mindfulness, self-care, productivity, and accountability. Through the daily contact, Taylor provides support and encouragement, while holding you accountable throughout.

W – Wealth & Abundance Coach 

Wealth and abundance coaches specialize in changing people’s love-hate relationship with money. Unlike financial coaches who specialise in teaching you how to manage your money and optimize your earning power, an abundance coach starts by analysing your relationship with cash and finding possible obstacles. 

After that, your wealth coach works toward healing your relationship with money and opening you up to abundance. 

Over the last few years, hiring a wealth and abundance coach has become more and more common. 

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Coach

Let’s briefly summarize the pros and cons of hiring a coach and summarize the answers to the question, why hire a coach:


  • Continual support
  • Outside view of specific issue
  • Expert advice and insight
  • Accountability
  • Guidance and step-by-step progression toward a goal
  • Sounding-board and feedback
  • Efficiency


  • Cost
  • Time
  • Commitment

Hiring a coach can have enormous benefits, however, only if you stick to your initial commitment. Coaching won’t work for you unless you are willing to set aside the time, money, and effort necessary. To get the best our of hiring a coach, you need to commit to taking the advice and following the steps set out by your coach. 

Tell Us About Your Experience

Have you ever hired a coach? What was your experience? Would you recommend it? Please leave your story in the comments below. It will help all those who wonder still, why hire a coach.

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